Monday, 21 January 2013

Random Sketches

Hi everyone,

At the moment I am in full swing making octopi to put in my etsy shop. I am waiting for fabrics for some of my customer orders octopi.

But I have been working on some sketches to make monsters out of!! So I can start a Creature adoption associations (CAA) like the RSPCA, or Capricorn Animal Aid, lol. At a handmade market.

I just do not have enough stock yet :)

But I thought I would share some scribbles

My candy Sprite:

My pygmy Puff :)

Hector my Mascot :)

My Horned pygmy puff:

My wonkee:

I was watching Star Wars as I was scribbling,
 I really want to make a wookie.
This is a pic of My Wookie:

I am going to make him into a stuffie and stick him in my toy factory (AKA craft room, lol) Oh and I finished one of Liam's octopi :) This is my first attmept of Day of the dead :)
Excuse my white legs :)

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