Wednesday, 23 January 2013

All I wanted to do was my desk

I am having one of those days. I bought this awesome new desk for my office. It has a spot for my scanner, sewing machine & laptop. I started putting it together before I went to work. I got to work, I was super excited to get home and complete. 6 minutes before my shift finished I had a customer. The rudest customer I have had all day. He had no details, nothing he kept putting me on hold. Snapping my head off. He made me miss my train now I won't get home until 12am. All I wanted was to put together my desk is that too much to ask for. It is days like these that I think I should leave my current job and go do something I would enjoy. Somewhere where I am more appreciated where it would not bother me if I got stuck at work 40 minutes later. I could just think, hey if I love what I am doing... Maybe I should quit my day job and do freelance/consultant work again. Where I choose my customers. I have to many bills so I will keep dreaming for now.


  1. I know how you feel, lady. Some days all I want to do is doodle and be creative. I even forgo sleep more than I should. :) However, at the moment I don't have a day job- (unless you count being a mom to 2 under 2, trying to become a successful creative type, and not totally abandoning my blog.) <3 I'm also living in a super crappy town for my husband's temporary job {that he hates with a passion.} I can't wait until my little family is settled up nice in a place we love, all doing what we love for a living. *Sigh* But until that magic time I must comfort myself staying creative and pursing happiness....also spending many hours on craftster. P.S. I'm your newest subscriber! yay!


    1. Awesome. Thank you!!

      It is good to know that I am not the only one!!