Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Baby yeti

Well Queensland and Northern New South Wales has had some wild weather with cyclone Oswald  and the flooding. Other than aviary  and shed damage we got out unscathed. I went into work after the wet weekend and look who I found at my desk.

A baby yeti! I think he was just seeking shelter from the storm.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

All I wanted to do was my desk

I am having one of those days. I bought this awesome new desk for my office. It has a spot for my scanner, sewing machine & laptop. I started putting it together before I went to work. I got to work, I was super excited to get home and complete. 6 minutes before my shift finished I had a customer. The rudest customer I have had all day. He had no details, nothing he kept putting me on hold. Snapping my head off. He made me miss my train now I won't get home until 12am. All I wanted was to put together my desk is that too much to ask for. It is days like these that I think I should leave my current job and go do something I would enjoy. Somewhere where I am more appreciated where it would not bother me if I got stuck at work 40 minutes later. I could just think, hey if I love what I am doing... Maybe I should quit my day job and do freelance/consultant work again. Where I choose my customers. I have to many bills so I will keep dreaming for now.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Random Sketches

Hi everyone,

At the moment I am in full swing making octopi to put in my etsy shop. I am waiting for fabrics for some of my customer orders octopi.

But I have been working on some sketches to make monsters out of!! So I can start a Creature adoption associations (CAA) like the RSPCA, or Capricorn Animal Aid, lol. At a handmade market.

I just do not have enough stock yet :)

But I thought I would share some scribbles

My candy Sprite:

My pygmy Puff :)

Hector my Mascot :)

My Horned pygmy puff:

My wonkee:

I was watching Star Wars as I was scribbling,
 I really want to make a wookie.
This is a pic of My Wookie:

I am going to make him into a stuffie and stick him in my toy factory (AKA craft room, lol) Oh and I finished one of Liam's octopi :) This is my first attmept of Day of the dead :)
Excuse my white legs :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Junker Jane swap!!

My partner Terri aka Lovesclutter recieved her package, so I can now post pictures.

Here is the doll, we named her Emily. She is sitting with Hamilton the Yeti. (Sorry I do not know how to rotate yet)

This is a close up of her eye. The black is zebra print where I just cut out the black section :) The sequins are a secret hidden mickey pattern. I love Disney things and I like to hide mickeys in my work :)

A close up of her tattered heart :) I used green red and gold embroidery floss to attach it on :)

I have an obsession with Peter Pan collars, so this is one made out of pink lace and 2 buttons.

The back has a little bow that can be untied and retied :)

Junker Jane always signs her dolls, so I though I would. My username is Bambam91. So there is a BB91

She is purposely mismatched, as that is the Junker Jane style. I used Caramel coffee to stain her with Earl Grey tea. I leant that Green tea does not work well for staining :)

I hope you love her as much as I do :)

Here are the earrings I made as well :)

They are red munro flass beads, czech glass beads and silver dragonflys. It was my first time making earrings, they were based on ones that Lovesclutter had on her Wists. But they did not turn out properly. I liked how they turned out any way. I hope Terri does too :)

Monday, 14 January 2013

Goldberg & Macy

Hi everyone'
I have been making plenty of octopi! I would like you to meet Zoidberg  and Macy.
Macy is purple octopus. She will be for sale in my handmade shop soon & Zoidberg is the blue one.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Jack the octopus

Hi everyone,

So I completed the octopus :)

I named him Jack, because the lady I worked with needed some luck and Jack is the luckiest name (according to google)

I used a pattern from the crafty button UK. I plan on making some more (for myself) and to sell in my handmade shop, possibly in my etsy shop (when I open one)

But for now here is Jack
Manille and Jack :) I think she likes him :)

Manille's Octopus

Hi everyone,

I have been really busy lately, but soon I will have something exciting to share soon. I have been busy trying to make an octopus for Manille.

She is a lovely lady that I work with and is a professional photographer!!

She went away on holidays and got married, but since she has come back to work she has been having the worst luck with customers and system issues. So I am making her a lucky octopus, from a pattern I got from The Crafty Button UK.

As soon as I am complete and Manille receives it I will post some photos for all to see!!

They are so cute I am making myself a pair of hipster ones too :)

Have a great night

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Jack Skellington

Hi everyone,

I am currently writing  list of 50 things to do for 2013 on Craftster. I am anxiously awaiting my doll making supplies, so I thought I would make one of my cushions that were on my list.

Introducing Jack Skellington in Mickey ears!!

Jack is over 40cm tall. He is made from super soft polar fleece, so he is extremely huggable. His mouth stitching and ear cobwebs are all hand embroidered!! He took me nearly 2 days to complete!! I ran out of stuffing halfway through!!

Sorry about the dodgy photos, I really need to learn to take better ones :)

Have a great Monday

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Spooks is a man

So, we have a cat. She is white, and very cute. Everyone tells me how pretty she is but her attitude is mean, because she claws out and attacks everyone. My female cat started growing appendages.

She went and saw a friend who knows a lot about cats (also has 2) who assured me that Spooks was female, just a good breeder.

Well after Spooks' vet trip. She is not a lady cat but a man.

Ian wants to rename her because Spooks or Princess puss is no longer appropriate.
Kevin Rudd????

We were thinking of naming him Kevin Rudd, and his favourite toy Julia.

What do you think would be a good name?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sharing is caring

So I sent my Junker Jane doll to Lovesclutter. It should arrive in 8-10 business days :)

I thought I would share a bit of a sneak peek of what I made.

While I am sharing, one of the girls I work with is a photographer and she gave me a few tips. So I took this picture of Hunter. I think it is amazing.

Thank you for looking. Comments are more than welcome :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Wires treez

So after going to Dracula's I was inspired to make some things!!

I did not have all the materials to hand, but I did make a wire tree!! OUt of beading wire and some beads I have on hand!!

I need to work on my picture taking skills. I have a better one on my home computer that shows a silver dragonfly on the tree, I will find it and add it on :)

Thank you for looking