Saturday, 19 January 2013

Junker Jane swap!!

My partner Terri aka Lovesclutter recieved her package, so I can now post pictures.

Here is the doll, we named her Emily. She is sitting with Hamilton the Yeti. (Sorry I do not know how to rotate yet)

This is a close up of her eye. The black is zebra print where I just cut out the black section :) The sequins are a secret hidden mickey pattern. I love Disney things and I like to hide mickeys in my work :)

A close up of her tattered heart :) I used green red and gold embroidery floss to attach it on :)

I have an obsession with Peter Pan collars, so this is one made out of pink lace and 2 buttons.

The back has a little bow that can be untied and retied :)

Junker Jane always signs her dolls, so I though I would. My username is Bambam91. So there is a BB91

She is purposely mismatched, as that is the Junker Jane style. I used Caramel coffee to stain her with Earl Grey tea. I leant that Green tea does not work well for staining :)

I hope you love her as much as I do :)

Here are the earrings I made as well :)

They are red munro flass beads, czech glass beads and silver dragonflys. It was my first time making earrings, they were based on ones that Lovesclutter had on her Wists. But they did not turn out properly. I liked how they turned out any way. I hope Terri does too :)


  1. Loving her tatty heart :)

    You should be more confident in your photography - we all start somewhere, right? I would advise rotating your photos before you upload them, in paint if you don't have another photo editing program :)

  2. Thank you :)

    Thanks for the advise!!! I am working on my photos!! :)