About me

Hi my name is Amber,

I am 21 and I live in Brisbane (hopefully the Gold Coast soon) Australia. I am quite new to creating things. I am inspired by the dark side of the moon, so to say. I love everything dark, whimsical and magical. I love fairy tales, fables, mythology, Disney and I admire Tim Burton. I never say I do not believe in magic, in case a fairy dies.

I work a pretty ordinary job, so I make things to help escape. At the moment I am really enjoying making dolls.

I would love to work at Disneyland or at Dracula's in the future, doping some costume designing or making my dolls, for now I am going to continue my "making things" as every one calls it.

You are more than welcome to come on this journey with me


  1. Hey girl, go ahead and post the JJ doll. She is fabulous.

    1. Thank you!! I appreciate it. I hope you love her heaps!! She is not very much like the other ladies dolls.