Monday, 25 March 2013


I got the chance to go to Sydney on Thursday and Friday last week with work.

I was soo lucky to get the chance, as it was something that I was very passionate about and I really believe in.

I brought Henry Yeti along for the ride.

I did not invite Henry to the work conference though. I am sure everyone I work with thinks I am strange enough :)

This is a picture of me, out the front of Doltone house at JOnes Bay Wharf. IN the back ground you can see the Sydney Harbour bridge!!

The Sydney Harbour bridge from Doltone house!! Isn't it beautiful.

This is Henry the Yeti chilling at my hotel room, while I went out for dinner & drinks (I could not drink because of my kidney infection :( )

Henry Yeti lazy and checking out the view. You can barely see the harbour bridge, Check out the air con units :)

6am watching the Sunrise!! I was up too early for my own good that day :)

I hope you enjoyed my pics. Now back to work :)

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