Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cthulhu eyes

I had a request to make a custom cthulhu. This person keeps me sane while I am at work the majority of the time. I wanted it to be green, but his favourite colour is purple. So I wanted to incorporate purple as well. (I won't go into all of the details. I know he does not read my blog, but you never know he may.)

My eyes started of similar to this (same shape & size) but an awful green colour. I really love the yellow but it clashed too much with the green.

I got into the green with a pair of scissors and scratched it off.

I then mixed 2 parts of baby pink acrylic paint with one part aqua and a dash of crimson to get a nice purple colour.

I used that as my base.

I let it dry, then got a sewing pin and scratched off lines of paint with & painted over the purple with an acrylic gold paint.

I left it dry overnight, then used my sewing pin again & scratched off random bits of paint at the back and painted over with acrylic paint. This time 2 parts viridian (dark ocean green colour)with one part appliance white.

I let it dry, then put a sealant over the lot.

I am so happy how it turned out, considering it was my first attempt :)

I don't think the photos do it justice.

I will post full pictures once the cthulhu is received.

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