Monday, 31 December 2012

Dracula's themed 21st

I turned 21 on the 30th of December. To celebrate I went to Dracula's

The front of Dracula's at night

I fell in love. I told Ian through out the show that I wanted there. I loved the atmosphere and the costumes and how they were allowed to act!! Quite a few employees had tattoos and piercings. (I have 1 tattoo that I keep hidden 90% of the time, that only a few people no of, and I have 3 piercings other than my ears)

I would love to be a costume designer or make dolls for the gift shop!! But without any qualifications I do not think that will happen. Ian and I are discussing it though. Maybe I could do bar work there and get an RSA and work my way to it, whilst doing some degrees.
We would have to move down to the Gold Coast.

Oh well at least I have lots of inspiration to create now. So I just need to await for the supplies to arrive!!

Well I guess I can add Dracula's on to the list of places I would like to work. They can be 2nd. After Disneyland ~ The happiest place on Earth.

You never know I may end up leaving my nice easy job to work there.

Love my dress, with the skull!!


  1. Love your dress! It sounds like your 21st birthday was great fun. Never heard of "Draculas" but in my head it's like Fangtasia in the Sooke Stackhouse books :)

    followed your link from Craftster so your blog wasn't left lonely x Kookie

    1. Thank you!!

      It is a theater restaurant on the Gold Coast. It is very much like Fangtasia. You get served by "Draculette's" and if you are over 18 you get a wristband that say "old enough to get biten"

      Thanks for leaving a comment :)