Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day

Hi everyone,

Well it is Christmas, I have nothing really artsy or craftsy to update you with, but I thought I would share some pictures of my house on Christmas. I do not have any children so we spoilt Spooks (the car) & Hunter (the dog)

Spooks was not very interested, but she went on her supervised trip outside. She normally sits in our Mango tree in front of Petrie's cage, but today she decided to roll in the dirt and she was no longer and clean white fluffy kitty.

Spooks all dirty in the back room
 Hunter got a stocking left by Santa filled with bones and green and red doggy treats. I also got him lots of toys. His favourite was the squeaky toy. He ran around the house for 2 hours with the burger with him squeaky them constantly

Hunter & his burger
After the the Christmas joy, I had to go to work and unter and Spooks crashed together in front of the bookcase.

Excuse my messy bookcase.

In other news I get to go to Dracula's for my 21st in 4 days!!! Woot!! I can not wait, I am so looking forward to it :)

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