Monday, 1 April 2013

International snack swap

I participated in the international snack swap on Crafster.

Both of my partners have received, so I thought I would share.

I had 2 partners.

My first one was Gingerpeachy. She is a vegetarian which was a great experience, as I now read the back of every label and try to have re4 meals a week meat free.

Her box was 5kg's. The majority of it was tea :) I am not the only tea drinker. I also included some vegemite, a few other Susie food items.

I made a wattle & Wallace grass terrarium (she had plenty of terrariums on her Pinterest. Sadly it did not make it.

My second partner was Loudxmouse. She had recently lost some weight (congratulations) and was after a mixture of healthy snacks

I included timtams, vegemite, cheesymite, marmite, Morona coffee (I read somewhere that the US does not have it) violet crumble plus more.

I made her 2 pairs if Native Australian butterfly earrings (they took me 3 attempts, lol)

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